Massage therapy has a lengthy history through cultures around the world. At this time, people use several different types of massages for many reasons that are health-related. In the US, massage therapy is also considered part of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM.

Lengthy history

Massage therapy has a long history through many cultures around the globe. Currently, individuals use massage mainly by different types of massage therapy. Various types of massage therapy date back thousands of years. References to massage appeared in writings from India, Japan, ancient China, Arabic nations, Greece, Egypt and Rome.

Cultures around the world

During the Renaissance, massage became used widely in Europe. In the 1850s, two physicians from America who had been studying in Sweden brought massage therapy to the United States, where it became again popular and was then promoted for an assortment of health purposes. With technological and scientific developments in treatment of medical problems during the 1930s and 1940s, massage fell back out of favour in the United States. But massage revived again in the 1970s among athletes.

Estimated 18 million adults

According to 2007 National Health Interview Survey that had a comprehensive survey of CAM used by Americans, an assessed 18 million U.S. adults and 700,000 children had used massage therapy in the preceding year.

Many health problems

Individuals use massage for a vast assortment of health-related problems, including for pain relief, rehabilitate sports injuries, for reducing stress, increasing relaxation, address anxiety and depression and as an aid in general wellness.

Where to go

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