Every woman has a cardigan in their wardrobe, and they want to pile up more. You will find cardigans of different prints, colors, sizes and shapes available in the wardrobe of a woman. One thing you should remember that just wearing cardigan isn’t enough, you should wear cardigans on certain outfits depending on your body type. So, let’s walk through different dos and don’ts of cardigans. And if you want to shop cardigan for women’s you can click the link and get the best cardigans at the best price.

Let’s deal with the four styles of the cardigan and their dos and don’ts of wearing them:

  1. Cropped Cardigan or Waist-Length Cardigan

A waist-length cardigan is the classic style of cardigans and is of a most common type.

  • Don’t: Don’t wear them with tops that are long. Some wear these cardigans to contrast lengths, but it doesn’t look flattering and gives a wrong picture of the proportion of your body.
  • Do: Fit and flare style dresses suit them the most. High waisted skirts can be worn with them. The cardigan’s hem shouldn’t go very low past your skirt’s waistband, only just a few inches. So, while wearing the cardigan of waist-length, keep that in mind.
  1. Oversized Aztec Cardigan

Oversized cardigans can be huge, and this year they are really huge. And styling with them might be a little bit of tricky.

  • Don’t: Avoid loose fit bottoms with the oversized cardigan. Also, avoid maxi skirts or boyfriend jeans. If you look wide on the top as well as the bottom, you will really look “”
  • Do: You can wear skin-tight jeans, better the skinniest ones. You can also wear leggings with them. You need to keep your legs look very slim.
  1. Wrap Cardigan

Aztec cardigans and wrap cardigans are almost the same in their basic shapes, but wrap cardigans are less bulky and are fitted more. Longer drape-y length is available in wrap cardigans too.

  • Don’t: Avoid to wear short skirts with wrap cardigans. Wrap cardigans mightn’t be very bulky like Aztec cardigans, but with shorter skirts, the proportion doesn’t fit so well. Even the skits of knee-size don’t look good with wrap cardigans.
  • Do: You can wear them with jeans of dark colors or pants to flatter with your figure.
  1. Boyfriend Cardigan

This is a famous cardigan.

  • Don’t: The longer length boyfriend cardigan won’t go well with full skirts or dresses. You got to stick with waist length boyfriend cardigans.
  • Do: You can wear them with knee-length pencil skirts, jeans, and As long as your bottoms are slim and fitted, they will go with anything.