One most significant thing about the duffle coat is that it stands out from all those coats that come from military origins in terms of versatility. This means that this is a coat that will look good when you wear it with casual as well as formal; clothes. The specialty of these clothes is that it comes with the right length and fabric. This ensures that it will be comfortable to wear even on a suit without looking awkward. However, this looks the best when it is worn with a casual jean and a sweater. But first you will need to know the characteristics that make a duffel coat.

The characteristics of a duffle coat

One of the most notable characteristics of a duffle coat is that it comes with a hood and front toggle. In fact, a traditional duffle coat will have toggles that are made from leather straps and buffalo horn. If you are animal friendly, you need not worry because today you will get a lot of animal-friendly varieties. A traditional duffle coat will also come with a coarse feature made of heavy boiled wool. This is the technique that tightens the fabric. It also makes the coat more water-resistant. You will get traditional duffle coats with two large pockets as well as a square shoulder yoke.

Finding the best duffle oat

When you want a duffle coat, make sure of the length. Ideally, it should range from your knees to mid-thigh. This is the same length as a pea coat. If you consider the color, a traditional duffle coat will be camel colored, However, today you will get duffle coats in a wide range of colors. It can be a dark navy duffle coat, black, yellow and even red in color. Originating from the military, a duffle coat is a staple component in the wardrobe of every stylish man.

Find the right fit

The traditional navy duffle coats were much heavier in comparison to the modern duffle coats. Initially, the coats had a boxier fit but over time it has been streamlined greatly. Make sure that the coat you wear is roomy enough so that you can comfortably layer your jacket or knitwear underneath. Make sure that it fits well and does not overpower your body. The shoulder seam, the sleeve and the length all should be right for you. Consider you height because a longer duffle coat will offer more coverage but will make your legs look shorter.