Hair extensions have become a popular way to get long hair. But the question remains: what are the best hair extensions? To this question there does not seem to be a single answer, it is case by case, it is necessary to make coincide your unique case which will depend not only on the styles which you will want to realize but also characteristics of your own hair and it will be necessary obviously match your budget with your expectations.

The different origins of hair

Natural hair extensions can be from different origins ranging from India to Eastern Europe, up to different parts of Asia such as India which is the leading hair supplier for the industry due to the abundance and a particular custom resulting in a large number of hair sacrifices in Indian temples in exchange for realized vows. In this landscape of hair, the cream of the crop is the extension of Indian hair as shown in this report TF1, but not everyone can afford it. Truly the best Indian hair extensions are perfect in this matter.

The different extension techniques

The extensions can be woven, glued or sewn to the root of your hair and clip or tape extensions are popular today because you can attach them yourself to create your own look. They are a simple alternative to wick hair extensions that are more complicated to put on and which must be applied by a professional and will have a more refined and natural look.

Buy quality hair!

If you buy hair, make sure that it is 100% human hair and quality so as to obtain complete satisfaction, because low-end hair and synthetic hair get tangled and quickly become a nightmare to maintain. Whether it’s European or Indian hair, make sure your touch is smooth, the color matches your hair, inspect well by touching the strands so you’re happy with what you get. But also know that a lot of hair is faked and may appear very silky at first with artificial coatings that unfortunately will not hold very long.

The big brands of hair extension

Some of the biggest extension brands are Giambertone, Great Lengths, Socap, Premium Hair, MXL, Hairdreams, but some major expansive salons, like Hair Glam in Paris, have their own Russian and European hair supply networks. .Some expert hairdressers warn that good quality hair is necessarily European hair and not Indian hair. Another hair salon will brag about Indian hair because of their similarities with European hair. What is certain is that the most sought-after hair reserved for the best hairdressing salons remains the virgin Russian hair but it is very rare. Others advise to look for reusable hair extensions made possible thanks to the new micro-cylinder or micro-fixation technology.

There are harmless techniques

Make sure that the extension technique you choose does not damage your hair as there are now harmless techniques such as the micro-fixation extension. Given the price of a pose, you want to be certain that they will last. Beware of cheap hair extensions that could lose their color and texture or break and become useless soon.Find a professional hairdresser for best Indian hair extensions experienced and especially specialized in hair extension because the quality of the pose will depend mainly on his prior advice in number of locks, color or combination of color and hair type.