Bikinis come in more variations and types than jelly beans come in flavours, and there really is something for everyone. But like any other kind of clothing, the bikini is subject to the tides of time, and each season or year, something specific becomes popular. Right now, there is so much creativity in the realm of swimwear design, but it seems that this season it is all about psychedelics.

That’s right, each season something from the past comes forward and becomes some of the most popular classic styles are brought back to life. This season, it seems to by the music of ‘69 that is influencing designs right now. Bright colours, abstract and mind-bending designs, and intensity are the watchwords of the current season. Designers as diverse in their approach to design as Gottex, a high fashion house that is the standard of quality swimwear, and Pour Moi, a more affordable but highly varied and skilled designer, are all featuring at more than a few psychedelic patterns.

Tie dye is the most well-known type of pattern in this genre of design, with beautiful colours and an endless amount of detail to feast your eyes on. It is certainly a presence in this collection, but it is not the only thing we have seen that bears the mark of the 1960s and 1970s on the landscape of swimwear. Bikinis are also seeing far-out patterns incorporated with conventional and well-known designs, like one range from Pour Moi that is an always in vogue leopard print with a range of acidic pinks and azure blues that come layered on the top. This is a constant occurrence in the world of fashion, with old school styles coming back into the scene, but with designers wanting to put their own imprint on the collection, which is of course what fashion designers are for!

Hybrid fashion is popular right now, and this trend is an excellent choice for making the most of it. You can choose the distinct colours and combine a modern pattern, or your bikini could have old school patterns with a more modern colour scheme. With such a distinct and explosive school of thought behind your beach outfit, it is really a case of choosing from an infinite number of amazing bikinis.

There are even bikinis that you wouldn’t think belong in the past at all, but with a closer look, you can see the same ideas and emotions coming through the garment in one way or another. For example, Oroblu have a range right now that looks almost tribal in its overall look, but with colours that are a little too vibrant and a circular central pattern that is hypnotic. It’s hard to point at an old Flower Power garment from the first wave of groovy clothing that this is close to, but it has the same effect nonetheless. Look at it closely and you’ll get the same impression and it’ll feel like one of the most mellow designs you’ve ever seen.

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