Women are never done with shopping for clothes. Women never have enough clothes to wear. Buying clothes are therapeutic for them. They want to get their hands on every new piece of apparel in the market and at the same time they are extremely selective. But one apparel that is a staple for every woman and they tend to reach out to it very spontaneously every time they open their wardrobe is a t-shirt.

A t-shirt can really be any woman’s best fabric friend. I can vouch on the fact that every woman has one t-shirt that they have worn for years and are still reluctant to throw it away. May be their color has faded but they still wear it. Ask her about it and the obvious answer would be – it is so soft. If becomes softer with every wash. Evidently, we are driving at the right point. It is the comfort factor that precedes anything else when it comes to a t-shirt. T-shirt manufacturers of India put their best efforts to live up to the expectations of the women in terms of style, quality as well as comfort.

The Timeless Ageless Comfort Clothing For Women

There is a t-shirt for every body type and every age of women. It is a first choice in casual clothing segment for any modern women who are comfortable in western clothing. In a country like India even women aged between 40-60 years of age in the urban sectors can be seen wearing t-shirts. And coming to body types, there are innumerable styles and cuts that are meant to cater to every body type.

T-shirts make the highest selling product for any girl’s t-shirt supplier in India. Nevertheless, it is one of the fastest moving SKUs in the entire women’s clothing segment. The maximum movement is noticed between the 2-24 years of age. This is the time when girls literally live in their tees. There after the pattern slows down when they have to choose corporate or formal clothing as per their profession. However, even then t-shirts are the most preferred clothing to wear at home or for work outs.

How T-shirts Came into Being

While we discuss at length about how indispensable t-shirts are in our lives, it would be interesting to know a thing or two about how t-shirts came into being. To begin with it was a man thing. Yes! Remember those short shelved, deep neck white vests? Men wore it under their formal shirts. Those were the predecessors of t-shirts. It got a leg up from being a mere under garment when it was sported for the first time by the Bollywood actor Marlon Brando in 1951 in a movie named ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. For the first time tees were seen with a higher neckline, a smarter sleeve and a fir that was complimenting the macho look better than any shirt. The rage picked up among younger generations and them was further turned into a rage by the pop starts and other performers.

But no matter, how a particular clothing came into being, it seldom fails to disappoint the women folk as long as they are stylish and of a very good quality. And what makes them all the more special now is the fact that they can be easily customized. Customized t-shirts have become the new rage in the market. It is the best gift you can buy for someone without a pinch in your pocket. By all means t-shirts are here to stay and rule the roost in the apparel segment.