There come many occasions in our lives when we have to dress up fabulously and look our best; like for instance somebody who is close to us is getting married. You would certainly want to wear a glamorous dress and a perfect piece of jewelry to compliment it. It is obvious but the elegance of wearing perfect jewelry along with your dress increases even more if jewelry etiquette is followed. On such occasions when want to look your best without looking gaudy, pearl jewelry is the ideal choice. No matter what kind of jewelry you wear it has to be worn with etiquette, in weddings, in daily routine or any other occasion. Below are some pearl jewelry etiquette rules which must to be followed if you wish to look fashionable and stylish.

Don’t Upstage the Bride: This is the most important rule of the etiquette series. It’s the bride’s day and she has to look her best and not the guests or anyone else.  The members or the guests shouldn’t be doing any such activity which distracts the attention of people from the bride. You should not wear too heavy of jewelry even if they are pearls and draw unnecessary attention. Try to remain in casual attire and decency even if you are very close to the bride.

Say No to Statement pieces:No matter how attractive piece of pearl jewelry you have, somebody’s wedding is not the right place to flaunt your heavy jewelry. It’s the couple who deserve all the attention and not you. Outstanding piece of jewelry should be worn by the bride because it’s her day. Avoid wearing statement pieces of jewelry which could steal the limelight of the bride.

Smaller, the better: Pearls are the most decent piece of jewelry which is ideal for wedding occasions. Although pearl jewelry comes in various varieties, shapes, colors and size. If you are wearing pearl jewelry for a wedding they should be small in size and the color should be chosen according to the complexion. Don’t choose pearls of white or pink color if you have a dark complexion, wear golden colored pearls.

Don’t exaggerate: Pearl jewelry looks good on everyone irrespective of the age of the person. But again they should be worn according to the pearl jewelry etiquette rules or else you will become a point of distraction for people, especially during a wedding. Wedding are the most waited moment of anybody’s life, especially the bride and you should take care that you don’t spoil the mood and day of the bride by wearing something unusual.

Not only weddings, pearl jewelry looks elegant in everyday use also. A single stranded pearl necklace which does not crosses your bust line is ideal for wearing in office each day. The pearls jewelry looks stylish, elegant as well sophisticated on woman of every age and provides the lookdesired by the females, so follow the rules and look your best.