Socks are very important knitted garments for the human feet and play a vital role for people having sweaty feet. Most persons may have sweating feet issues but extreme sweaty feet are rare. It causes bad feeling and painful smell for people suffering. Luckily, there are many ways to cure it this issue.

Picking a best sock for sweaty feet and that too custom socks bulk is one of the solutions to get rid of your sweating condition.

Cotton socks: Socks made from cotton at least eighty percent is one of the top stocks for sweaty feet.

A thick cotton sock is very soft, and tends to breathe excellent than synthetic stuffs like Lycra, nylon and rayon. Cotton socks with 98 percent cotton and two percent spandex can wick wetness away from the foot, keeping your feet dry and chill all day long.

Wool socks: Wool is a very famous natural fiber that can make a remarkable sock. Wool socks can control temperature excellent than any synthetic. Wool not just keep your feet cool and dry, it can also kill the bacteria causing the bad smell. You may try the mixture of synthetic and wool material if the wool is too hot for you.

Antibacterial socks: You might think about antibacterial socks. There are impregnated to kill of the smell causing bacteria. Many sock manufacturers gather technologies.

Coolmax socks: These types of socks are specifically designed to move perspiration away feet. The standard liner socks are manufacture of Coolmax, Spandex, Nylon, Durofil and Lycra. They have different kinds of socks divided in every use and active use. A famous brand that specs Coolmax technology is Thorlo Experia socks. They have cushioning which decrease friction and provide support and are an extra breathable.

Drymax socks: Drymax socks have known as Active Odor Control. Made out of polyester, Olefin, nylon and elastane they are geared toward athletic support and performance and blister prevention but also keeps your feet from sweating extremely.

Bamboo fiber socks:  Bamboo fiber socks are very comfortable socks that are famous among patients with diabetes and, those will have sensitive skin and allergy issue, and other groups.

These wholesale socks keep your feet hot in winter and chill in summer because of bamboos thermal regulating features. They help decrease foot odor because they are almost four times more absorbent than cotton socks. Read more on custom design socks wholesale.

Covert threat socks: Military socks, are specifically made for harsh conditions and climates. If you suffer from extremely sweaty feet these socks may be for you. They make remarkable socks too.

A covert thread is just one of the different military socks brands. Like most other brands these sculpted designed for warm or very cold climates.