Diamonds are a women’s best friend they say, and it is only fair to give her the one that suits her best on her special day. We are always so mesmerized with diamonds, but most of us are still unaware of the different types of diamonds based on their color, shapes, and sizes.

One of the biggest decisions in a wedding is the choice of diamond in the wedding ring. So, when you are going to select a wedding ring for your special someone, you want to give them the best.

Radiant Cut Diamonds V/s. Cushion Cut Diamonds: The Difference!

Before entering the engagement ring store, it is only fair to know about some specifics about diamonds, and which are the best ones in the arena. Here we will show you the differences between two of the best cuts to be found in a diamond, The Radiant Cut, and The Cushion Cut.

  1. Shape

These diamonds are easier to differentiate based on their shapes. The Radiant Cut is a square shaped diamond, which also comes with a rectangular variant. The edges are neatly truncated. However, the Cushion Cut diamond is rounded from the edges.

The edges are curved and can sometimes give an oval shape. Cushion cut will usually be a square diamond with curved corners. However, both the shapes look equally stunning, making a choice even harder.

  1. Facets & Cuts

Both these diamond cuts feature in the “brilliant cut” team. Although the Cushion cut has larger facets than that of the Radiant Cut, they exhibit an equal amount of brilliance.

If there is a difficulty in choosing between the two diamond cuts, compare them face-up with each other as they display a noticeable difference from the top-angle. The choice, however, is very personal for every diamond lover.

  1. Brilliance

Due to the bigger facets, some people find Cushion cuts less exhibiting lower brilliance than a similar sized Radiant cut. The antique-inspired cushion cuts tend to lack brilliance even more. However, the best way to evaluate brilliance is to keep these two stones next to each other and compare them.

It needs to be observed which stone has a better sparkle and catches your eyes.

  1. Clarity

Given that both diamonds are of same clarity and color grades, it usually is difficult to find a difference concerning the visibility of their colors and inclusions. However, a cushion cuts’ flaws, the yellow tints, may not be masked as well as the Radiant cut variant, given that the former is a diamond of lower brilliance.

Both the diamonds are gorgeous in their aspects. They would complement every beautiful girl on her wedding day. The question finally arises of preferences. Each one should be placed alongside the other and then compared.

Which one do you like when you enter the engagement ring store? Will it be a rectangular Radiant Cut or a bit rounder Cushion Cut? Whichever it may be, it will always be a good choice.