The humid winds and scorching heat of the summer season effects our children in more ways than one, it not only harms their skin and dulls their complexion, but also exposes their body to severe dehydration, particularly when they engage in outdoor activities.

Keeping your kids indoors all summer long is not an option, not only will they feel deprived, but more importantly, summer is the perfect time to take them on long hikes, and nature exploration expeditions.

We’ve rounded up three iconic kids clothing brands that will help you stock up all the right summertime essentials, along with the hottest trends to keep your little ones in style!

Here, take a look:

Rock your Baby

A powerful and sassy brand for children who seek to appear unique, bold and channel loud statements that set them apart from the other kids. Summertime clothing often compromises style statements, but with Rock your Baby apparel, your child can stay cool against the heat with light-weight fabrics and rock stylish statements out in the sun.

You can pick out t-shirts, wing dresses, cool bomber jackets, tutu dresses, swimsuits, eclectic colour palettes, shorts and lots more. If you want to give your child a confident and stylish sense of fashion, this is one brand that you absolutely need to shop!

Loud Apparel

Just as the name implies, Loud Apparel is all about bold, sassy and loud clothing and trends that will help your child carve out a strong and fun-loving personality. Their clothes are very lightweight and comfy, and designed with such adorable accents, such as artsy graphics, graffiti, fringes, ruffles and a lot more. You can shop a wide variety of clothing items, but their t-shirts, trousers and sweats are a definite must-have, the kind of glamour that all kids deserve to flaunt.

Miki Miette

The ultimate kids clothing brand to scoop up delightful summer-friendly fabrics, colour palettes and trends to keep your little ones stylish and cool against the awful heat. You can pick out adorable frocks, pastel-hued dresses, eclectic graphic t-shirts, comfy and stretchable sweats, and a lot more. This brand will provide you an abundance of variety to shop all the summertime essentials your child may need for a comfortable and luxurious summer season. You can pick out summery jumpsuits, pastel pink t-shirts, and a wide variety of delightful apparel items.