So you jumped that leap of faith and got your tattoo, however, did you know that with a great tattoo comes with great responsibilities? Having a tattoo is not merely just having you inked and have that great of a masterpiece— it is also a medical procedure that requires utmost caring both from you and the tattoo artist since it would jeopardize your health if anything goes wrong.

There’s a lot of trends nowadays, and the watercolor tattoo is a part of it. They are watercolor like designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes—which you might probably have right now or not. However, if you want to have a perfectly executed tattoo since your tattoo artist has already done their part, it is now your turn to put in the effort on caring for your tattoo. Here’s how:

Clean Thoroughly and Properly

The simplest and most basic building block of taking great care of your skin, cleaning thoroughly and properly, is an important asset. A reputed dermatologist, Dr. Marchbein, has strongly suggested the necessity of cleaning the tattoos regularly because having a tattoo is basically having fresh wounds that would invite bacteria due to the thousand microscopic holes in the skin in order to deposit the tattoo pigment.


To properly clean your tattoo, make sure that your hands are properly cleaned before touching your, watercolor tattoo as an example. To thoroughly clean it, use lukewarm water with a mild and fragrance-free soap after when you removed the bandaged.

Only Use Proper Aftercare Products

Everything has its use, which is why only using the proper aftercare products that would benefit your skin and tattoo is a must. The tattoo aftercare products aren’t that complicated, you just need to know what to look for and what ingredients you should have, and what you only need are mainly anti-bacterial soap, good ointment, and a non-scented lotion. Having these products would secure the safety of your skin’s health and tattoo. A reminder: only get the proper products from a reputable supplier.

Moisturize as Needed

Due to the ink’s foreign substance to the skin, your natural skin hydrators deplete which results to the deteriorating of your skin’s health by drying your skin out. Thus the importance of moisturizing, keep your skin moisturized all the time by applying a thin layer of Vitamin A&D ointment or some petroleum-based and non-comedogenic ointments. In this way, you help your skin moisturized and healthy.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Harmful UV rays. Of course, you might have heard of this many times, whether you have a tattoo or not, using sunscreen is an important thing to do to avoid any serious skin illnesses. Also, since your skin gets sensitive due to your tattoo it is much more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. What you can do is to avoid long sun exposure time and use an ample amount of SPF30 sunscreen to protect your skin.

Speed Healing Process with Foods

Tattoos aren’t just skin deep—it goes a long way deep within our body’s system which is why eating the foods that would certainly help your whole body and of course, tattoo, would surely give the necessary vitamins that you need. Salmon and broccoli, one of the foods that are rich in omega 3 have an anti-inflammatory property which also reduces swelling and helps in the recovery of your tattoo.


In addition to this is dark chocolate, which has high-flavanol and protects skin against sun damage which also facilitates blood flow to the skin, keeping it smooth and hydrated.


A tattoo isn’t just all about a form of art or a personal statement, remember that it is also a medical procedure that might go wrong and would jeopardize your health. Thus the need for a serious lifetime commitment since it is a responsibility that you should not take granted for. Inserting a new daily routine might be difficult at first but with patience and schedule, you would surely keep your tattoo and skin healthy.