Every girl desires to be in the spotlight and looks no less than a celeb but how will you manage that in your tight budget is the answer we will give you. We will not spend all of your money yet make you shine in the crowd amidst all. If you are ready to look stylish, then we are ready to make you look like one.

What do you already own?

Before answering the question of what is it you can buy answer a few questions. For this, you have to open your wardrobe and take a hard look at the clothes you already own. What do you see?

  1.    Only blue and no sign of red?
  2.    What kind of shoes do you have? Sports?
  3.    Do you have nice trousers?
  4.    How many clothes do you have that you can wear on a date?

We want you to toss clothes which you don’t wear or fit into or those piece of garments which have left the fashion world a long time ago. When you do the needed, you’ll understand what is it that you need and what you already have.

Invest where needed.

Once you realize what your wardrobe lacks you can start buying the essentials. A white tee shirt with a round neckline, a well-fitted pair of trousers, a blazer, statement earrings and a great bag. The trick here is not owning plenty of clothes but a few that stand out. Check out voucherbucket that has plenty of options for you to choose from at affordable rates and great discounts. All year round they have offers and deals on their merchandise, and you’ll end up saving more than you buy.

Layers are necessary.

To add the charm to any outfit, you must layer it. A shrug, blazer or jackets. Invest in a jacket or a shrug that can match up with every outfit. They will help you look stylish and trendy.

Pants and their fit.

Yes, you can always own a pair of boyfriend jeans but remember that there is nothing better than a well-fitted, tailor-made pair of pants. It should fit you like a second skin. Own a pair of denim in an inky blue shade of the same fit.

How to look classy in cheap clothes?

You have to look out for a few things before you head out. The condition of the buttons(if any)being the first, loose threads hanging out from somewhere or stains. Make sure you don’t head out in an outfit that has the following. It steals the focus of your dress and makes you look bad. If there is any stain or mark on your dress make sure you wash that place with a sponge. Washing clothes on a regular basis fades the colour of the fabric.

Balance is the key.

You can’t afford everything straight out of a designer boutique, but you can style up a few items together to make it look great. A printed scarf or a belt can change the entire look of your outfit. They will not cause a hole in your pocket and still look great.

Say no to creases.

When you wear a dress/shirt/top/pants or anything that has creases it makes the dress look unattractive and extremely cheap. You have always to make sure you iron your clothes before you leave home.

How well fitted are your bras?

There is absolutely no match to bras that fit well. You must make sure you have at least a couple of bras that don’t damage the look of your bras. The straps of your bra can ruin the look of your off-shoulder dress, so make sure you have a bra with removable straps. Bras with seams pop out from underneath you t-shirt and ruin your classy look. Know your size and buy bras that fit and have no seams.

Look different in the same outfits.

No one can afford new clothes every other day but the trick to look great in the same old ones is with us. It is nothing but pairing. Pair your jeans with different shirts, tops or t-shirts. Put on a belt on your dress and make it look different. A simple shrug or layer over your outfit will make you look great too. You can even put on funky and printed shoes with your casuals for a sudden pop of colour.

We want you to look like a million-dollar lottery every single day without having to worry about reasons like money. These are a few hacks and advice you can keep in mind to look mesmerizing.