It is evident that wearing ornaments and jewelry were common in ancient civilizations. It is a common practice and continues to be in vogue even in modern times and likely to do so in the future too. The difference, however, would rest in the materials used in making the jewelry and ornaments and more so on the designs and patterns. The jewelry that is available in the present time can simply be classified as fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. Fine Jewellery actually refers to precious jewelry and opinions on precious jewelry like whether you need to own one or not varies from person to person.

Distinguishing between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry

Fine jewelry or precious jewelry refers to jewels that are made using precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver. Jewelry made of other materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, clay, silk threads etc is all termed fashion jewelry. There is always a clash of opinion on precious jewelry and fashion jewelry because those who prefer precious jewelry find investing in fashion jewelry a waste, while those who prefer fashion jewelry feel that they would be able to use different models and patterns of jewels that they intend to instead of getting hooked to a single model and design of precious jewelry purchased. It is, however, a question of personal choice. But, you can hardly find anyone, who would not like to buy at least one piece of precious jewelry irrespective of their opinion on precious jewelry.

To draw the distinctions between precious jewelry and fashion jewelry, you can consider an example. A14 or 18 kt gold ring that has a gemstone embedded in it is considered to be a precious jewel while a brass ring, coated with gold embedded with the same gemstone would be considered fashion jewelry.  

Why do people buy precious jewelry?

Precious jewelry is preferred for a number of reasons. The important ones among them include

  • The precious jewelry is made of quality metals and authentic gemstones. Though opinions on precious jewelry differ, if you are planning to wear gemstones in order to rectify certain weak points in your horoscope or strengthen the effects of certain planets, it is important for the stones to be embedded in the precious metals depending on the type of gemstone.
  • The precious jewelry lasts for years together and is usually passed as a legacy from one generation to another. This again is one of the reasons for a contradiction in the opinions precious jewelry as to whether these models and designs would be suitable to be worn by the members of the next generation.
  • Despite differing opinions on precious jewelry, people do buy it, since they consider it as a worthy investment option and as something that is worthy of being collected and passed down to the family members.

Buying precious jewelry

Like all other products, it is possible to buy precious jewelry online. it includes those which you buy for beautifying purposes as well as astrological purposes. Though there are many advantages like being able to access different designs and models of precious jewelry and the possibility to compare the cost and quality, you need to be very cautious about by precious jewelry.