If you plan to visit several tourist attractions in Bandung, then there are numerous distinct things that you should pay attention to so as not to disturb the comfort of your vacation.

Since virtually all attractions for tourist in Bandung are constantly crowded with visitors, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the city being free from crime, like pickpocketing.

Particularly if we’ve to utilize significant number of public transportation to get around the town of Bandung. It is quite likely to be cautious with bags, to be able to never fall into the hands of unauthorized people.

If you want to use some facilities at attractions for tourist, it is better to ask first how much it costs. Don’t feel cheated because you’ve to pay too large.


In case you go to the tourist town of Bandung with public transportation, maybe this needs to be paid attention. Even though there are lots of public transportation, like transportation and buses, maybe the time that has to be taken will be longer. Let alone congestion that typically happens on weekends and vacations. Additionally make sure before going to visit attractions for tourist in Bandung, you’ve been looking for tourist information so as to avoid severe congestion.

Visit time

As tourist place, it is no wonder that Bandung is constantly packed on particular days. Especially when vacations or weekends arrive.

If you don’t want to jostle with some other visitors or don’t really take pleasure in the atmosphere that’s too crowded, you have to come when work days. In addition, it is good to pay attention to the climate and weather. Since, maybe it’ll be a little more embarrassing if you visit attractions for tourist in Bandung throughout the rainy season.

Even for some areas, when the rainy season arrives it also has the potential to cause flooding, because rain will normally go down through the daytime. Consequently, it’ll be more difficult to journey throughout the rainy season.

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