As our babies gear up to cruise in preparation for learning to walk, feeling the floor beneath their feet will help keep their balance well. Despite what others might tell you, the first shoes our babies wear does not give them the ankle support, no matter if they are a pre-walker or a new one (turns out that ankle-hugging shoes can be a little stiff or tight for the newly born munchkins). So, you need not have to hold out for high-tops when you are buying baby’s first shoes — their muscles need room to develop and strengthen. When we are dressing our baby, stick with socks or booties to keep them little piggies warm when we need to, but let them go barefoot whenever we can.Image result for Tips for Buying Baby's First Shoes

Here are some factors that are important while choosing our baby’s first shoes:

  • Flexibility:

The first shoes our little one wears should have soles that are super-soft and comfortable for them. We should make sure we can bend and twist them any way, and even feel our baby’s toes right through the leather. These soft sole shoes will make them feel a lot better while they walk and also the depth of the cushion will prevent them from getting hurt when they trip or fall.

  • Breathability:

Speaking of leather, try to stick to it, or opt for fabric or canvas shoes, to ensure those feet get air. Plus, these fabrics are flexible and provide better support for your sweetie’s feet. No plastic, please. Plastics look way too cuter than other materials but encouraging plastic early on is not at all a good sign. Canvas or light leather is always a better option when we buy kids shoes.

  • Roominess:

When you buy baby’s first shoes (and toddler shoes too), make sure they pass the thumb test. See if your thumb fits in between your baby’s biggest toe and the end of the shoe (press down from the outside while they wear it). The first shoes should also pass the pinch test. At the shoe’s widest point, you must be able to grasp a bit of its material between our fingers. The shoes should not be very tight for them as they will feel cramped up, but at the same time, make sure that they are not very loose.

Buying shoes are and should be, low stress because there aren’t many safety issues which need to be accessed while buying. However, children’s footwear have been recalled in recent years because of the decorative items or other types of fasteners that can pose a choking hazard or sharp metal parts that can cause laceration hazards. Baby shoes should cost us around 15 to 40$. The density of the market these days make it a lot easier to purchase things. We can also buy shoes online as there will be attractive discounts and offers which might help us in the process.