Men shouldn’t be left out when it comes to stylish trends in hairstyles. How a man styles his hair says a lot about his fashion sense. Whether short, medium or long, there are many haircuts to choose from. In 2019, there are many changing haircut trends which are now sported by a handful of public figures and celebrities.

Barber shop River North recommends having these hairstyles for men to help them keep up with this year’s latest cuts.

Short Hair Combined with a Cropped Fringe

This hairstyle is commonly seen as short hair on the sides with abruptly medium to long fringe on top of the head. The length of the fringe depends on how whether you want to style it further with mousses, pomades, or gels. The longer the fringe, the more high-maintenance it can be, so it is best to stick to your ideal length depending on how much time you want to spend on your hair. Medium fringes are ideal for those who prefer low-maintenance styles, as you can simply brush it forward or a little to the side.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it blends well for most of the men’s fashion styles. Whether they want to look sharp and classy or rugged, the fringe can be easily arranged based on one’s mood or what is appropriate for the occasion.

High fade with a Pompadour

Another popular hairstyle which quite going back in trend is the high fade with a pompadour. This combination is quite similar to the short hair and fringe, but it has a more gradient effect on the sides. The hair starts off thin at the side of the ears then gradually becomes dense, and a thick, medium length pompadour is located at the top and middle.

Usually, the pompadour is brushed back with a volumizer to create a stylish look that is quite reminiscent of retro musicians. This look is ideal for men who are artsy, avant-garde, and those who claim that fashion is a big part of their lives. This medium-length hairstyle may need some maintenance as you need to use hair products to keep the pompadour in place.

Slicked Back, Side-Parted Long Hair

For men looking for longer hairstyles in 2019, the slicked back, side-parted hair is ideal for a more formal, yet suave look.

The sides are short, but not as short compared to the two other styles mentioned, at it gradually lengthens at the top as well. When this hair is styled, it can be parted on one side while moussed or gelled for a wavy front appearance. This style is somewhere between volumized and toned down.

These are just some of the best hairstyles to have in 2019, but it also helps to let your creativity shine. Go to a trusted barber shop and let them know about these 2019 trends you may want to try.