One thing us girls look forward to in summers, despite its unbearable and torrid heat, is shopping for a whole new summer wardrobe. Your staple summer wardrobe must be equipped with all the essential garments so that you’re prepared ahead of time for an impromptu vacation or an urgent business meeting or a regular beach day. It’s time to up your sunny style game and have your essentials on the go!

Jumpsuits & Dungarees

The best thing about jumpsuits for women is that they can be worn both on an informal and formal event. A jumpsuit that hugs the waist and flairs out against the length of your legs is the kind that suits all body types. A subset of jumpsuits, dungarees are more of an outdoors outfit. Dungarees or overalls came about in the 18th century and were used as a sheath by workers doing paint jobs or other messy work. Since then, the advent and rise of fashion have evolved dungarees into a trendy outfit.
Don a jumpsuit the next time you go out for a casual drink in the evening.

Off-shoulders & crop tops

The off-shoulder trend has taken over the world. Off-shoulder tops accentuate one of the most underrated parts of our body, our shoulders. This non-conservative style is best suited for informal events, but if you work in a free-spirited office, then go ahead and flaunt your collar bones by all means.
Showing a bit of waist adds a lot of character to your look. Crop tops give a carefree and uninhibited appearance. Pair them with jeans, high-waist skirt, or a pair of cute denim shorts, and you’re good to go.
Another piece of clothing that is breaking the internet is cold-shoulder garments. Cold-shoulder tops and dresses give a very girl-next-door look. The style, although is the close cousin sister of off-shoulder, eventually grows on you.

Jeans & culottes

Whoever designed culottes had the sole intention to make women’s lives easier. Be it a shirt, t-shirt, kurta, kurti, off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, culottes can be worn with anything and everything. This smart and breezy garment has been designed for comfort, age no bar. Wear ripped jeans and let your legs breathe. Gentle whiffs of air will caress your calves and thighs, but most importantly, these torn jeans will make you look arresting. An alternate to ripped jeans could be flared jeans. Bell bottoms work well on women with curvy figures. It’s a smart casual that could be worn anywhere from your office to a party.

Summer dresses

A girl’s summer wardrobe cannot be complete without a couple of sundresses. While the regular favourites yellow and white dresses shout ‘Summer is here’, don’t shy away from trying pastel colours this season. Go for lighter hues; darker shades tend to absorb more heat, thus defeating the purpose of ‘beating the heat’.



This is by far, the most essential item you should have in your wardrobe, and that too in abundance, ladies. Finish off your look with a pair of chic sunglasses. Protect your vision with a smart pair of aviators, cat-eye shades, or wayfarers, depending on what best suits your face shape.