Most women are happy to shave their limbs to remove body hair. But shaving has many disadvantages, while trimming does not.

Removing hair from the body is an endless chore. You can try any method you like, but the hair has the annoying habit of regrowing after a while. Since you are often too busy to schedule salon appointments for hair removal, you decide to rid yourself of body hair by using a razor.

If you need a quick hair removal fix, especially from sensitive areas of the body, it is time to use a trimmer and not a razor. Read on to know why.

Shaving is a time saver, but…

Shaving involves running a razor blade over your skin to cut the hair at the surface. It does not remove the hair from the roots, it merely cuts it at the surface of the skin. It is a quick method of hair removal. But there are several downsides to it.

  • It can cause injuries. One wrong flick of the wrist, and you can suffer nicks and cuts. Many women also report ‘razor burn’ after shaving.
  • Since it only cuts the hair, the hair regrowth is quick. You can see and feel the stubble growing back in just a day. So you have to keep shaving frequently for the skin to be hair-free.
  • The razor blades remove the protective layer of moisture and essential oils from the skin. The skin becomes dry and rough.
  • The hair regrowth is thick and rough. The hair grows back with jagged edges, which gives a prickly feeling on the skin.
  • Shaving is not recommended for delicate areas of skin, like the facial skin or skin in the bikini line and underarms. The stubble growing back can cause acute discomfort and itching, and the skin’s texture can also get ruined.

With all its disadvantages, it is recommended that you give up shaving your skin however strapped for time you may be. We recommend another quick way to remove hair without causing any damage to the skin: using a trimmer.

What is a trimmer?

A trimmer is a device with blunt blades that do not touch the skin while trimming the hair. The hair is trimmed at the surface cleanly without harming the skin in any way. The blade is a small one, which does not nick the skin while cutting the hair. The trimmer is ideal for use on delicate skin like on the face, underarms and the bikini line.

Veet has an excellent trimmer that removes hair from the delicate areas of the body without a fuss. You won’t even feel a thing as the hair is smartly trimmed off, leaving skin super smooth and hair-free. It is great for last minute touch-ups all over the body, when you notice straggly hair that has not been removed by depilation or waxing.