Are you finding yourself at a loss on what to gift the fabulous woman in your life?  I have heard your desperate plea for help and here is a list of creative and unusual gifts that will help show your appreciation for your wonderful friend, girlfriend, wife or mom.

  1. Dandelion Necklacecall

This handmade Silver plated over brass glass pendant necklace contains real dandelion seeds. Why send flowers when you can just pack the prettier flower seeds in a necklace and present in to her in to most unusual way. Just like this, you can unique gifts online for the unique woman in your life.

  1. Mermaid Tail Blanketcall

Present her with this mermaid blanket and make her feel like the princess she is. The yarn knitted mermaid tail is extremely comfortable and snuggly. So, every time she wraps herself in one, she’ll think of you and thank you for this warm gift.

  1. Celestial Globecall

It looks normal in the day but it turns into stars at night. This unusual Celestial Globe comes with a censor that shows the constellation in the sky along with their names. This present will surely light up her world. Definitely a new addition to the unique gift store.

  1. Wooden night lampcall

It is custom made gift. This wooden lamp can change into sixteen different LED light colours with just a flick of the remote. It illuminates beautifully at night and would make anyone feel better and calmer at the dead of the night. Give it to her so she can light it up and chase all her demons away.

  1. Crochet bracall

The ultimate gift for women: a bra. No women would ever be disappointed if you gave her a bra as a gift. This unique crochet cotten bra is bound to bring a smile on her face. The best part about it is that it can be worn with a skirt or shorts or as a top or a bikini. The choice will be all hers.

  1. Cup of Ambition 

This adorable gift is perfect for the ambitious, independent woman in your life. Let her drink coffee from this ceramic cup and watch her as she gains motivation. Give her the cup of ambition and you will get her all fired up.

  1. Tea Infuser

Look at how comfy Mr. Tea Infuser looks with his arms spread wide and just relaxing. Wouldn’t it be really nice if you could gift your friend/partner/relative something that would make them feel just as relaxed? Well, what do you know? Mr. Tea Infuser is here to help. He will store the tea leaves into his pants and provide them with a tea so good that it will chase the blinding headache right away.

  1. scented soy wax travel candle call

The unique hand crafted perfumes are now available in tiny silver brushed tin cans that look and smell so good; you’d want to buy it right away. They are made of soy wax which is completely sustainable and the wick is lead free. They come in various scents and you are free to choose any one of them and gift it to the lady. After all, who doesn’t like aromatic surroundings?

This is a list of just a few of the many unique gifts that can be found online. Go ahead and surprise her!