Veganism can be considered as a philosophy that is followed by people who believe that humans have no right to exploit other animals for their use. They advocate that by using them in any way for our benefit is their exploitation and as humans, we should be considerate towards them as they cannot voice their opinion.

Vegans also make the argument that this lifestyle is healthier both for the environment as well as for the animals. They don’t consume any animal product; they don’t wear any fabric made of animal product and are totally dependent on the plants to fulfill their requirements.

There was a time when going vegan meant wearing just hemp tunics and nothing else but brown sandals. But, today there are many options that are available. You can be trendy and fashionable using vegan products. There are many well-known labels that make chic and cool stuff using vegan fabrics.

Vegan fashion is all about avoiding materials made using raw materials got from animals. If you are vegan apparel fashion follower, you should avoid these materials for 100% cruelty-free lifestyle.

As you can guess, if one is going vegan, one has to let go of any woolen, silk or leather product. This is because wool that is sheared from sheep often hurts since the shearers are paid by volume of wool sheared. This often makes them unmindful and they shear very close to the skin often hurting the sheep in the process. So, whether it’s angora, cashmere or alpaca, all are off limits for the vegans.

Similarly, silk made from the fiber secreted naturally by a silkworm is obtained forcefully, killing the worm in the process rather than collecting it from their pods. Leather obviously is the skin of the animal, so any type of leather is a big no-no for the vegan followers.

The followers of vegan clothing philosophy also restrict themselves from using any fabric, footwear or furnishing made of hair and feathers of animals as these things can be obtained by force or by causing cruelty to the animals.

There are a wide variety of materials like linen, organic cotton, peace silk, hemp, pineapple leather, polyester, recycled nylon etc. that can be safely used without involving any animal.

Similarly, if you go for faux leather products, a wide variety of them are available in the market at much cheaper price. They are also much easier to maintain than the pure leather ones.

To make sure that the product you are buying has no animal product used in it, you have to read the labels very attentively. This is because sometimes a little percentage of the animal product can be used along with the synthetic ones, which if you use and this might defeat your entire purpose.

Veganism is a conscious choice that you have made. Abide by it, and give your contribution towards saving the animals from cruel practices. Small contributions made by few often have the potential to pave the way to a revolution. There are many vegan clothes store that can stand by you to help you achieve this life motto of yours.