Pubic hair removal causes a lot of concerns to both men and women. The area is very sensitive and waxing it can come with a high level of pain. Also, this region is normally dump and hence may be more susceptible to infections. Removing unwanted hair from the pubic region is very important especially when you thing in terms of hygienic reasons. However, it is important to choose the best hair removal technique and waxing has remained to be top on the list. The procedure is inexpensive and its results can last for a long period. These tips can guide you through the process of getting rid of the pubic hair.

First, don’t shower or make the pubic hair wet shortly before you undertake the treatment. The hair will absorb water and make it soft and hence it will not adhere well with the wax. It is easier off to pull off tough hair. Be keen to begin by testing a small surface on the skin to avoid any allergic reactions or acute sensitivity to the waxing products. Allow the hair to grow to at least 1/8-inch-long for the procedure to be effective.

Thoroughly wash the skin and allow it to dry well so as to remove any lotions or oils that may block the wax from adhering to the skin closely. Carefully heat the wax but don’t overheat it because it may burn your skin. It’s wise to begin by testing a small area. Make sure the consistency is soft and not runny. You can get pain reducing creams or gels from the nearby pharmaceutical shops if your main concern is the discomfort and pain. Its recommended to apply these solutions 30 minutes to one hour before you do the treatment so as to nimble the skin beforehand.

Pull back the hair instead of pulling or outing. Use a warm and moist towel to clean the skin after waxing so as to remove any excess wax. Don’t wear tight clothes in the freshly waxed surface to minimize the irritation on the skin and the possibility of ingrown hairs. Exfoliate the skin about 24 to 48 hours after waxing to prevent the accumulation of dead skin that mat lead to ingrown hairs.

There are several positions you can assume while removing pubic hair. First, you can sit on the chair and place your feet above the legs and waist while spreading them apart. You can also sit with one of your legs propped over the waist and allow the other one to rest on the floor. You can also spread your legs wide and lie on back while raising the legs up so as to spread out all the waxable areas. You can also lie on the sides with a straight bottom leg and bent the top leg on the knee while tucking it behind the straight one. Lastly, keep the legs wide apart and bent the knees so that you can work on the genital areas with a lot of ease. You can put the mirror on the ground to enhance the level of control. Most people prefer to visit a professional aurora waxing salon to get this treatment. You will be able to get more professional results at affordable rates.