What we decide to wear on our first day of school, really can affect the impression we make on others. Your outfit should be a reflection of your personality, confidence, and style. Whether you are a savvy dresser or could use a little help, we’ve got some great suggestions to assist you with choosing your back-to-school outfit.

Cute & Comfortable

Although you may want to impress your friends and fellow classmates on the first day of school, you do not want to sacrifice being comfortable for a whole day. Consider wearing a flowy dress or jumpsuit, which is especially nice with warm weather. Or if you’d rather go with pants, cotton slacks, chinos or skinny jeans are always a good go-to. You can pair nice pants with almost any top. Try searching through some trendy online boutiques for a variety of options, including blouses, and camisoles.  Checking out different looks online can save you time shopping in the store, or even offer you the ability to buy your outfit straight off of the website. It’s good to already have an idea of how certain clothing will fit, or whether an American or European cut is the best option. Certain fashions are cut smaller or larger, which can affect how something looks or feels when wearing it. Remember, you want to look good as well as be comfortable, that way, you can start your day off with the right feeling and attitude.

Best Campus Clothing

The trek from parking lot to your first class might be long. If it’s the first day of classes, you may want to wear something impressive, but also reasonable to walk a half-mile in. Joggers have been around for a while, and are a comfortable option for anyone facing a bit of a walk to and from class. Jean shorts, straight leg or light-colored skinny jeans are also great choices for walking a distance or even relaxing  between classes. No matter whether you’re enrolled in one of the many great accredited online degree programs and take a class from home or if you head to campus to sit in a classroom, you should practice dressing for success. Because some online classes require video chatting, dressing nicely is a great way to express that you care and are a team player. A solid color T-shirt or tasteful graphic tee, can provide an impression of your personality or be just the basic touch that makes your outfit stand out. Whether your first class is online or on the other side of campus, you can’t go wrong with these efficient options.

Less is More

We love to show off the brands we adore. But, you can find ways of doing this without sacrificing our sense of style or taste. You never want to have too many brands at once or more than one brand in one outfit. For instance, if you like the Jordan brand, then try wearing a pair of Jordan sneakers with a Jordan T-shirt and some jeans. Avoid wearing a Jordan hat and Jordan shorts and socks too. Spread out the items from the brands you like. If you really like rips in your jeans, try pairing it with a dressy or casual top that doesn’t have as many rips or tears. That way, you allow a style to subtly stand out in your outfit, rather than seem to be forced or too apparent.  Find a nice color palette for your outfit, and don’t be afraid to take chances with your style by incorporating certain shoe choices. Shoes can easily sway your outfit to be more formal or more casual. Which can be a great way to create two different looks with one outfit.

Whatever look you choose, make sure it’s something that makes you feel good about yourself, because the absolute best thing you can wear on your first day of school is confidence.