Picking a venue for the big day can be a grueling task, so many questions that need answers. Hopefully I can help with answering a few of those questions for you in this article. It may come across as a daunting task, but you do not want to be caught with any surprises that may arise during this time. Even the littlest of things can be overlooked in the long run, this is a time to be picky when it comes to selecting your venue. I am just going to bring up a few things to consider asking when you are looking at venues.

I feel that there is a process to the questions/concerns about the venue(s) you are contemplating choosing for your big day. That being said, the first step is the basics. Is the venue even available for the date that you have in mind? If so, what is the availability for ceremony and reception. Catering is part of the basic concerns, at least for this foodie. What are the options do they have for theirwedding reception menus, can a buffet style happen? Another good question is whether or not the bride and groom have rooms to change into the attire.

The next step is the policy step. This is kind of where you get down to the nitty gritty bits of the process to choose your venue. You want to know about the payment schedule, including deposits, overtime fees, insurance and gratuities. Most certainly, the cancellation policy, especially if a situation arises where you have to reschedule the whole event. You may want to ask about the corkage fee and the liquor policy if you would like to have a specific type of drink at the event. Doing a signature cocktail for the couple is very in at the moment! You might want to check on the parking situation, especially if you decide to have a shuttle system or ride-share for your event. Some venues also have rules about decor, so you might want to ask about that as well.

The third step or more like any additional questions or concerns that you might have, this is where you decide the venue is good for you. If they offer a nice location for your wedding guest book and where do guest put their gifts etc. Also, you will need to make sure that all your other vendors, the florist, the cake, the caterer, the DJ, etc, are preferred vendors. If they are not preferred vendors, double check that there won’t be an additional fee for outside vendors. Some venues will allow you to see a sample set up of what they have to offer, that way you can see it prior to the event.

These suggestions are merely things that I have witnessed from watching my family members go through the whole process of getting the day just right. I will also say that getting a copy of the rental agreement prior to signing it so that you can make notes about any questions is a great way to not only save money but also make sure you are getting what you paid for and don’t wind up stuck with an extra charge.