The Wax Center-Woodland Hills, CA is located in the Warner Plaza Shopping Center. The waxing salon is convenient for guests in nearby Woodland Hills, Tarzan, Pierce College, Columbia College Hollywood, Calabasas, Reseda, Encino, NIU College and more. The Woodland Hills center provides waxing and hair removal services for both women and men. These hair removal services include Brazilian wax, bikini, full body waxing, eyebrow and much more.

The Woodland Hills allows its guests to enjoy the Wax Center’s Signature line of skin and beauty products to enhance their waxing experience. This ensures their guests can get results that exceed their expectations. Besides, the Woodland Hills waxing center offers a comfortable and convenient way of booking as they provide online booking.

Woodland Hills Center -Wax Pass Types

The Woodland Hills Center offers three different types of Wax Pass that caters for all categories of guests.


The Pre-paid Wax Pass is designed for those who are seeking freedom in acquiring quality-waxing services. Therefore, if you are a few a free spirit guests who are not sure of where you will be next or when you will be ready for wax next, then this is the best Wax Pass for you. Besides, the Wax Pass allows you to save up to 25% and most importantly never expires.

What does the Wax Pass Include?

The Pre-Paid Wax Pass includes different gifts depending on the number of purchases that you make on any of the services.

  • Offers one service as a gift for any 6 service purchases
  • Provides two additional services for any 9 service purchases
  • Offers three extra as gifts for 9 purchases of any services by first-time guests

This Wax Pass is ideal for the adventurous type of girls who think big about what you want to have and when you want it. The Unlimited Wax Pass allows you to enjoy unlimited waxing services for the whole year.

What does UNLIMITED WAX PASS Include?

If you are looking for a Wax Pass that allows you to have either a Brazilian Bikini wax or any other service without being limited, then this is the one for you. The Unlimited Wax Pass requires you to pay once and enjoy everything that you want every day throughout the year. This enables you to maintain a healthy, smooth skin every time.


Finally, Students Wax Pass is designed to suit the needs of students. Therefore, if you are a student that is after taking a study break by doing something to enhance your skin, then this is the perfect Wax Pass for you. This Wax Pass allows students to reveal their beautiful skin all semester, but it is available at selected centers.

What Does STUDENTS WAX PASS Include?

The Students Wax Pass offers you one service as a gift if you make 3 purchases for any service as a student. However, you will be required to confirm that you are indeed a student by showing your student ID.


Overall, the Wax Center-Woodland Hills is one of the best waxing centers that offer quality waxing and hair removal in Woodland Hills. For more information about Woodland Hills waxing center check: