If you would like to look for western food in Labuan Bajo, then you might want to consider visiting these restaurants.

Produced in Italy – Labuan Bajo Restaurants. Simply the best. The cuisine is top notch as is the service. The owner/chef is obviously there, tests on every meal and prepare everything fresh. Yes even the cheese is made from the kitchen. His attempts and the job just shows how good Italian food might be. Throughout Indonesia tourist cities you’ll see hundreds of Italian restaurants – or much more. This is, by far the best Italian you will find. No – not just in Labuan Bajo, but most of Indonesia. Yes – it is that great.

That is great Italian hardcore. There’s a Fantastic view from the front of the restaurant. There are several other really good restaurants available. Obviously one can go down in the evenings to the north of town and revel in the night market which has plenty of food. It’s also very, very affordable.

Mediterraneo – This is the newest kid on the block. Major money from Bali came and started this location. They have an excellent view and the sunsets are fine. Being directly on the water may occasionally have a drawback – boat engines, fish aromas.

The food is great, the majority of the time. There were instances where we put back on the bean bag chairs and moaned about how complete we’d been. There are different nights in which the poultry was raw. Not vegetarian or vegan friendly. Feels a little as a warehouse and fairly free from personality.

The couch – Labuan Bajo restaurant lounge. Built on the mountain right in the center of city. This is almost the ideal sunset. They perform very wonderful sofa music and the staff are only the warmest in town.

Should you come back for one or more night they recall your drinks and start up conversations. Observing a few weeks of this it stops being somewhere to eat or drink, but somewhere to see your friends. Great support. Some nights they play live music and that is not such a wonderful idea in this small location. Nearly every night around sunset you will discover the long term foreign people and diving instructors here. A number of great vegetarian options. Otherwise a great setting and overall pleasant place to unwind.

Bajo Bakery – still very new, and technically not a restaurant. On the flip side, the fresh bread are the ideal town. They also have great fresh muffins which will tempt each visitor. Fantastic quality and very recommended.

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