There are things that never really go out of fashion no matter how the people’s lifestyles have been rapidly changing. One of these is your long-time obsession to your high school crush who smiled at you after you showed him your assignment some six years ago. But let me give you just some sort of warning.

This is not your average tips on how to get your crush’s attentions or stuffs like winning someone’s heart. Because this is mainly about one of the things that never runs out of style and that’s your playhouses for kids.

Now, what are playhouses?

They’re not just your miniature houses that kids get in to while performing their charade of mom-dad-and-children. This is because these literal mini-houses instill a deep sense of comfort and safety to your child at a young age, especially if they can invite their playmates inside or you as well to read them their favorite bed time stories.

This can definitely be one of the best things to include at your list of what-to-give-my-son-daughter. But just to remind you again. Getting your materials or having it built can also be a matter of deciding whether to have it wooden or plastic-made.

Assuming you’re planning to get it from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop and don’t have any idea what to choose, the following will help you decide what will be the best to pick.


The materials to create your target plastic playhouse design are purchased. But it is much cheaper compared to buying wood slabs and nails. Yet, if you’ve got available wood chops at home it will only be a matter of your own hammering and engineering talent to get it ready.


Since termites, dusts, and wasps are not huge fans of plastic, it is only a matter of applying special sprays and wiping of wet towel on its surfaces to clean your plastic playhouses. Wooden playhouses are an eye catcher for insects that can irritate your kids’ skin during their stay.



Playhouses should not be terminal. The sunrays and the direction of the wind often change all throughout the year, thus it is obvious that your kids’ haven should be easily moved anytime, anywhere. Plastic-built houses can be easily disassembled and fixed it while wooden foundations nailed to the ground takes a lot of transfer time.


A bigger house brings a bigger smile to your kids. Bigger kids plastic cubby house at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop needed larger plastic slabs but only take little effort of assembly. Wooden playhouses require more materials and manpower thus cost twice as much.


This thing is the most important because this is where your kids’ condition lies. Choosing the right material for your plastic house (which should be free of harmful chemical content) is only a matter of surfing the internet. But building a wooden playhouse without any loose nails, shredded wood strands or showering wood powder needs a bunch full of your effort, time and expertise.

It’s only a matter of your preference now to choose the material you’ll need to create your gift of your talent, love and time for your children. But then again, only a sort of last advice: Be a kid for once and join them rediscover the fantasy of having a kind of exclusive strong hold to resist the busy material world out there even just for a while.