If you are buying fabric, faux or fake is just not a good idea because it will usually end up looking fake. But when it comes to a fur coat, there are many reasons why going faux may just be the best thing to do. Here’s why you need a faux fur coat in your wardrobe.

You will be a trend-setter

A faux fur jacket is something that can transform you into a trend-setter. Many fashion designers are showcasing faux fur coats and jackets and they are definitely something you can add to your wardrobe to add a dash of glamour to it. Major fashion retailers like Basso  have a good collection of faux fabulous furs and buying one for yourself is a great idea.

It is easy to take care of

Real fur can be difficult to take care of but if you choose a faux version, you will find that it is easy to clean. Synthetic fibres are easy to take care of and this makes them a good choice. Even if you manage to stain your coat, you will find that a little bit of spot cleaning works wonders. Buy yourself a faux fur coat  that can be hand-washed or even machine-washed though some versions have to be dry-cleaned. The heat dryer is not a good idea for any kind of fur though because it could damage the fibres. The best way to dry it would be natural air-dry.

It is long lasting

Another great reason why a fur coat is a good buy is that it will last you a long time as long as you take care of it well. Even after you use it for years, you will still enjoy having that shine on your faux fur jacket. When it comes to real fur, it can take about a year for the colour to change, especially if it has been dyed to achieve a different colour. But when made with synthetic fibres, you can expect it to last you for years on end.

Storing is easy

Fabulous furs are no doubt luxurious to look at, but if you have ever owned one of them, you must know how difficult it is to store it. If not cleaned and stored professionally, it can end up damaged because the wrong temperature and ambient climate can mean bad news for it. But with a faux one, you can relax and store it in any practical way you deem fit. Since it will be made of synthetic fibres, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

It’s just better

Going for faux fur is not only stylish and trendy, it will also be a better choice in all respects. With so many celebrities declining the opportunity of donning real fur, it is a good choice to go for faux.

Whether you buy sock sneakers  or faux fur, make sure you buy from an online store that offers good value for money.