The “spa day” has traditionally been regarded as a female outing but these days it looks like men and women alike enjoy the benefits of a day at the spa.  However, spa services for men and women can differ a little. Both men and women can attend a service at any spa, but Deauville au Masculin spas designed for men are becoming more popular, catering to the specific needs of the male of the species, starting with a more masculine atmosphere that resembles more of an upscale barbershop than a traditional salon.Image result for Why men should also get Spa?SPA SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR MEN

Again, the services available for men, in the spa, are very similar to what women might enjoy.  Male or female, it doesn’t matter: everyone likes a good massage.  Of course, hair styling and Hair removal and shaving for men are also available. However, men are starting to care more about maintaining a healthy, youthful glow. This means that many men are looking to get more out of their visit to the barber—and are turning to spas and salons to find them.


Obviously, the men’s spa experience would involve hair cuts; but a better way to describe it, these days, would be: grooming.  There are now more and more places for men to go to get “grooming services.”  This means that along with hair cuts and beard trims, they can also get, perhaps, a hot facial towel, a neck shave, and styling all in the same place.  Furthermore, these establishments can also be a great place for men to seek highlights, coloring, tinting, and textures to truly get the most out of their hair styling options.


Again, men who want to look and feel their best will seek more than just a haircut. As such, modern spas now offer a wide variety of services in an environment that might be more attenuated to men than a traditional spa.  These services could include hand and foot treatments:

    • manicure
    • pedicure
    • paraffin treatment

They might also include massage services:

    • relaxation massage
    • therapeutic massage
    • sports therapy massage

Or they could even involve facial (and skin) treatments:

    • classic facial
    • algonmask
    • anti-aging facial
    • Puracne treatments
    • collagen treatments
    • hydrolifting

And men can even seek waxing services, including:

    • eyebrows
    • neck (nape)
    • chest
    • back