You might be wondering why someone can compare diamonds to sapphires right? Well, sapphires have always been fashionable whether as a wedding rings, earrings, you name it. A sapphire gem is very unique, durable and comes in a variety of colors compared to diamonds. Diamonds are expensive and have been placed on a high rank when it comes to engagement rings. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, visit Ovadia Jewelry and get one of the best sapphires crafted in your own design.

Advantages of Sapphires that make them the new Diamonds

  1. Durability – Sapphires are known to be very durable. However, the stone, just like any other gem, requires the owner’s attention. You might be required to take back the stone for curving and chipping once in a while. The high level of hardness makes sapphire one of the best choices to use on a ring, pendant and earrings. Ovadia offers the best curved sapphire rings, sapphire pendants and sapphire earrings. Diamonds are known to be one of the hardest rocks putting them on the highest number on the scale but sapphire follows up closely on the ranks with its durability and hardness.
  2. Refraction of light – sapphire stones come in variety of colors like blue (the rarest of them all), yellow, and black, clear, orange and pink. The colors do not enable them to refract more light as diamonds do. You can see a diamond shine from a mile away but not sapphire. This advantage makes sapphire visible but not an attention seeker. The colors on the sapphire stones are derived from corundum. The colors go hand in hand with a person’s skin tone. Diamonds only have one identity and it’s the shine. The bigger the diamond the more visible it is. Sapphires are distinguished by colors and are easily visible because of the color shine.
  3. Diamonds and sapphire together – diamond and sapphire make an amazing combination. At Ovadia you are provided with a variety of colored sapphire gems that are designed with diamonds to brighten the gem and make it more valuable. This combination is not only affordable but also the most trending technique used to design wedding rings. There is no way two sapphires can be alike; therefore you are guaranteed of uniqueness and durability. All the colored sapphire stones have a unique meaning to it and gives it more class and meaning compared to diamonds.
  4. Affordability – we are all not strangers to the fact that diamonds are expensive. The more carats you want the more expensive it is. Ok, this is quite the same with sapphires but in a more affordable aspect. Sapphires are one of the hardest stones to come across apart from diamonds. They are uniquely separated by colors, each with a have a meaning to it. They are however not as popular because people tend to value diamonds more. Instead of spending so much money on a diamond piece that you cannot clearly afford, feel free to visit one of the best jewelry shops in London, and get a sapphire jewelry for your loved one.

Sapphire Value and Worth

Many years ago, you would have not believed that an engagement ring can be made of anything but diamond. Today, many people are spicing things up by choosing sapphire stone as their engagement ring of choice. Diamond is one of the hardest stones in the whole world but closing in on number two is sapphire. You might be wondering how sapphire is affordable than diamond yet they are both in the top position? Truth of the matter is, with sapphires, it all depends with the color. The rarest color is the most valuable. The rarest gem is the Kashmir sapphire which is cornflower blue followed by the rare and exotic orange pink sapphire.


The blue colored gemstone is known to be the rarest and close to diamond because of its durability and hardness. The royal blue color definitely sets the bar high for all sapphire gems. Durability within sapphires is very important because they are susceptible to chipping. They need a lot of care and attention. The closer a sapphire color is to the royal blue gem, the valuable and durable it is. This is why the dark sapphires are often in the market but never reach high values.


Costings of sapphire stones depend on the weight and carats. If you want a big stone, rough materials have to be put in place to make up for the size you want therefore making the process expensive. Sapphire prices change with time depending on the stones clarity. Sapphires are naturally known tohave good clarity but it is very rare to get a royal blue sapphire gem that is clear. Just like all other gems, sapphires have the disadvantage that most of the stones do; they lose their clarity with time, hence making them opaque.

The source

Sapphire gems are found all over the world but not all of them are valuable and marketable. Kashmir and Pakistan are known to provide the best sapphire gems that are at least valuable in the market today. Sapphires come in a wide range of colors and sizes. The blue sapphire comes in a large size making it the highest priced followed by the pink sapphire. Gemstones are valued by looking at their saturation, hue and tone.  Sapphires can always be re-cut and re-shaped because they lose their oomph.


Sapphires are one of the most unique stones ever. They are unique to their color, shape and size. They are affordable depending on the weight and carats you want. The rarest of the sapphires is the royal blue and exotic orange pink that changes color time to time. Sapphires make the perfect gifts; from sapphire rings to sapphire pendants or even sapphire earrings. There is something for everyone when it comes to sapphire jewelry. For more details on the latest sapphire jewelry in London, kindly check us out here.