Most waxing professionals have clients seeking their opinion about epilators. These hair removal machines can be tempting especially when it comes to removing unwanted body hair without a lot of effort.  However, epilators have some disadvantages that make most estheticians to avoid them. This equipment may appear to be practical and convenient, but they have not overtaken waxing as the most famous hair removal technique in the market.  Here are some of the reasons why waxing continues to be better than epilators.

  • Waxing Hurts Less

Epilators pull the unwanted hair using a system that has rotating electronic tweezers, and this allows plucking of the unwanted hair from the roots. Most modern-day epilators have 20 to 40 tweezers, ice caps for soothing the skin after the treatment, and hypo-allergic discs for anyone who has sensitive skin. This sounds perfect, right?

The challenge with this procedure is that it hurts more than waxing especially when working on the bikini area. Remember you have to use a tweezer to pluck one hair at a time. The pain of several tweezers pulling out hair at the same time is quite high. The professional will also need multiple passes for removing all the hair in a single region depending on the thickness of the hair and quality of the machine. Some of the devices are not effective when it comes to pulling out those thin hairs.

Visit, and you will discover that waxing tends to be more efficient and quicker. The pain will only last for seconds while the tweezer takes several minutes to pull out all the hairs. Most people prefer waxing because they cannot withstand the pain that comes with epilators.

  • Lower Chances of Ingrown Hairs

Most people who have been using epilators will tell you that ingrown hairs are the most common side effect. All hair removal techniques can lead to ingrowth of hairs, but they tend to be more common when using this machine. The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is exfoliating on a regular basis. Waxing exfoliating comes in handy at this point. The wax removes the dead skin cells as you pull it from the surface. This exfoliation keeps the skin healthy and prevents ingrown hairs. Apart from exfoliating the skin, waxing also serves as a beauty treatment for clients. It delivers a soft and smooth after the wax experience to the skin, arms, legs, and bikini area.

  • The Procedure is Quick

You can take 40 minutes to one hour to remove hair from both legs with the use of an epilator. However, this depends on the skill of the aesthetician and quality of the machine. This process is more time consuming than waxing as it pulls out the hair little by little. The professional move the device over the area at a slow pace.  The advantage of waxing is that it removes the hair from a large area within seconds. You can finish waxing both legs in less than 30 minutes, and you won’t apply wax in the same area more than one time.